Try out the samples below to learn what SeedStack is capable of.

Each sample is a Maven project that can be imported and launched in your favorite IDE.


Each sample contains a file describing how to build and launch it.

You can clone the samples git repository by running:

git clone

Go into the cloned repository and initialize all submodules to the tip of their master branch and checkout it with the following commands:

cd samples
git submodule update --remote --recursive --init && git submodule foreach --recursive git checkout master

Full Web application

This sample demonstrates a full end-to-end Web application:

  • Simple domain code,
  • JPA persistence,
  • REST resources,
  • Assemblers,
  • Pagination,
  • Static resources serving,
  • W20 UI.

REST micro-service

This sample demonstrates an hypermedia-capable REST micro-service:

  • Business code
  • JAX-RS resources,
  • SeedStack hypermedia features: HAL and JSON-HOME.
  • Integration testing.

Business code

This sample demonstrates basic business code written with the business framework:

  • A few aggregates,
  • A policy,
  • An in-memory repository,
  • Integration testing.

Java framework basics

This samples demonstrates a set of features available in the Java framework:

  • Configuration,
  • Logging,
  • Security,
  • Diagnostic,
  • Custom Guice module,
  • Custom plugin,
  • Command-line,
  • JAX-RS resources,
  • Web servlets, filters and listeners,
  • WebSocket,
  • Integration testing.


This sample demonstrates how to write a command-line handler:

  • Command-definition,
  • Option and argument injection.


This sample demonstrates JAX-WS integration:

  • Basic Web-Service,
  • Username token secured Web-Service,
  • Certificate secured Web-Service,
  • Client usage of those Web-Services.

W20 bridge

This sample demonstrates integration of the W20 framework:

  • Usage of W20 JAR packaging,
  • Custom W20 configuration handler,
  • Basic W20 UI.

Spring bridge

This sample demonstrates the integration of Spring framework with SeedStack:

  • Injection of SeedStack-managed instances in Spring beans,
  • Injection of Spring beans in SeedStack-managed instances,
  • Usage of SeedStack configuration values in Spring contexts,
  • Usage of SeedStack datasources in Spring contexts.

Batch job

This sample demonstrates the integration of Spring framework and Spring batch with SeedStack:

  • Running of Spring batch job with SeedStack.

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