SeedStack is designed to work equally well and provide the same level of features in a standalone environment or in managed environment like a Servlet container or a JEE application server.


Starting from SeedStack 16.11, Java 8 is required. SeedStack 16.7 is still maintained and is the latest version compatible with Java 6, 7 and 8.


When used in a Web environment, the Java framework only requires a standard Servlet 3+ container.

Embedded Servlet container

An embedded Servlet container, based upon Undertow, is provided with the following dependency:

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dependencies {

It is lightweight, robust, very fast and can be used to produce full-fledged Web applications packaged in standalone executable JARs.

External Servlet container

Should you require the usage of an external Servlet container like Tomcat, the Java framework is automatically tested and fully compatible with several popular Servlet containers, listed below.

A JEE container is NOT necessary to run SeedStack Java applications but can be used if necessary.