SeedStack is an opinionated, easy-to-use Java development stack. It is a general purpose development solution which can be used to address various project types with a particular focus on REST microservices and applications.

Start from scratch

The easiest way to get started with SeedStack is to use the project generator:

mvn -U org.seedstack:seedstack-maven-plugin:generate

The SeedStack maven plugin will ask you a small number of questions, starting with the type of project you want to create.

Run from the command-line

To run the project from the command-line, go into the project directory and execute the run goal of the SeedStack Maven plugin:

mvn seedstack:run

This will launch the org.seedstack.seed.core.SeedMain main class.

Run from your IDE

To launch the project from your IDE, just define a plain «Java application» running configuration targeting the org.seedstack.seed.core.SeedMain main class.

Follow the tutorial

Learn about SeedStack by following the tutorial. It is based upon an very simple e-commerce use case and will walk you through the essentials of a project.

Get the samples

We provide several samples demonstrating various aspects of SeedStack.

Integration into an existing project

You can choose to integrate SeedStack in an existing project by including the following dependency management snippet in your Maven project POM:


To make a working SeedStack project you need to add an artifact containing a runtime environment. You can try the seed-web-undertow artifact, containing the Undertow embedded Web server:

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dependencies {