A reusable JAR designed to contain one or more business domain(s) based on the business framework.


You need to have Apache Maven 3.1+ installed. To create a reusable domain project from scratch, execute the following command:

mvn -U org.seedstack:seedstack-maven-plugin:generate -Dtype=domain

This will invoke the generate goal of the SeedStack maven plugin generate goal which will:

The process is interactive and will ask you a few questions about the project to be created.


After execution, a single module project is created which contains only the domain layer. This module is intended to be included in other modules such as a Web application,
a CLI tool, or any runnable project.

You should see a structure similar to the following:

- mydomain
    |- src
        |- main
        |   |- java
        |   |   |- org.generated.project
        |   |       |- domain                
        |   |           |- model              <-- domain model
        |   |           |- services           <-- domain services
        |   |           |- shared             <-- shared value objects
        |   |- resources
        |       |- application.yaml           <-- main configuration
        |- test
            |- java
            |- resources
        |       |- application.override.yaml  <-- test configuration

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