Welcome to the SeedStack tutorial! It is intended to walk you through the most interesting features of SeedStack, by making you build a simple Web application from scratch.

SeedStack can be used for any type of project and provides templates for several predefined project types. This tutorial is focused on a Web project template.

Project generation

The first step is to create the Web application using the latest project template:

mvn -U org.seedstack:seedstack-maven-plugin:generate

The generator will ask you a few questions, below are the recommended answers:

  • Project type: web,
  • Project group id: org.myorg.myapp,
  • Project artifact id: my-app.

This will create the project in the my-app subdirectory of the current directory.

First build

The project is immediately buildable. Go into the project directory and run the following command:

mvn clean install

The build process will create a Capsule of the project. A capsule is a standalone JAR containing all the files and dependencies of the project. The capsule can be launched with:

java -jar target/my-app-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-capsule.jar

First run

In development you can run the application without building the capsule:

mvn seedstack:run

When the application has started, you can display the Web UI by pointing your Browser of choice at http://localhost:8080. You can now import the project in your IDE if desired.

Displaying configuration options

You can display all configuration options of your SeedStack project by running:

mvn seedstack:config