We are going to add MongoDB persistence to our domain model by using the SeedStack MongoDB add-on with the Morphia object-document mapping.

Add the following Maven dependency to the pom.xml file:

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dependencies {

The version of the dependency is managed by the SeedStack BOM.

One way of installing MongoDB locally is to use Docker. Install it for your operating system, and then run the official MongoDB docker image on your instance:

docker run --name some-mongo -p 27017:27017 -d mongo

We need to configure a MongoDB client in the seed.props file, located in META-INF/configuration:

      hosts: localhost
      databases: ddd

A little bit of configuration is also required to link our domain model to the MongoDB client and database we just declared:

            mongoDbClient: main
            mongoDbDatabase: ddd
            defaultRepository: org.seedstack.mongodb.morphia.Morphia

This tells the business framework to consider that every Morphia default repository for aggregate roots in the org.myorg.myapp.domain.model package and its subpackages is bound to the ddd database through the main client. It also tell that, when injecting the default repositories of those aggregates, the Morphia implementation should be used by default.

From there, we can simply add Morphia annotations on the domain model and add a private default constructor required by Morphia. The Order entity becomes:

public class Order extends BaseAggregateRoot<Long> {
    private Long orderId;
    private Long customerId;
    private Date checkoutDate;
    private Map<Long, OrderItem> items = new HashMap<>();
    private double total = 0d;

    public Order(Long orderId, Long customerId) {
        this.orderId = orderId;
        this.customerId = customerId;

    private Order() {
        // required by Morphia

    // ...

The OrderItem value object becomes:

public class OrderItem extends BaseValueObject {
    private long productId;
    private int quantity;
    private double unitaryPrice;

    public OrderItem(long productId, int quantity, double unitaryPrice) {
        this.productId = productId;
        this.quantity = quantity;
        this.unitaryPrice = unitaryPrice;

    private OrderItem() {
        // require by Morphia

    // ...

The Product entity becomes:

public class Product extends BaseAggregateRoot<Long> {
    private Long productId;
    private String description;
    private double price;

    public Product(long productId, String description, double price) {
        this.productId = productId;
        this.description = description;
        this.price = price;

    private Product() {
        // required by Morphia

    // ...

The Seller entity becomes:

public class Seller extends BaseAggregateRoot<Long> {
    public static final int SENIORITY_THRESHOLD = 90;
    public static final long MILLISECONDS_IN_A_DAY = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24;

    private Long sellerId;
    private Date hireDate;
    private String bonusPolicy = BonusPolicy.PER_ITEM;
    private double monthlyBonus = 0;

    public Seller(long sellerId, Date hireDate) {
        this.sellerId = sellerId;
        this.hireDate = hireDate;

    private Seller() {
        // required by Morphia

    // ...