We are happy to announce the release of SeedStack 16.4, the first major release of 2016. Building on the recently introduced add-on architecture, this releases brings several new components and features. A lot of improvements have also been done under-the-hood to keep SeedStack up-to-date with current technologies and standards.

New features

Functional additions


  • Full support of Java 8 (along with an upgrade to Guice 4.0).
  • Support of JAX-RS 2 asynchronous resources, enabling the building of reactive Web applications.
  • Fully injectable and interceptable servlets, filters and listeners.
  • Support for standard @WebServlet, @WebFilter and @WebListener annotations as well as programmatic registration.
  • Automatic configuration of Logback when in use and no explicit configuration is present in the classpath.
  • Best-effort detection of console color capabilities to enhance log readability.
  • Ability to print a startup banner for applications by adding a banner.txt file in the default package.
  • Support of Expression Language 3.
  • Better Hypermedia support with completely automatic link creation.


  • New methods exists(), count() and clear() on repositories with their default implementation in JPA and MongoDb.


  • New visualization for huge data-sets based on dygraphs.
  • Support for pretty URLs in W20 application with transparent backend support in W20 bridge (no configuration needed).
  • Support for optional fragments which don’t prevent application startup when not available.
  • Best-effort cleanup of Basic Authentication credentials in browsers, allowing to effectively logout without closing the browser.

MongoDb add-on

  • Automatic support for Bean Validation at pre-persist when using Morphia.
  • Automatic building of full-text indexes at startup.


A sizable amount of fixes have been applied to various modules. Please check the detailed change logs of each component on GitHub, in their release section.

Breaking changes

This version has only minor breaking changes that should not impact most projects. The most notable ones are:

  • The dropping of Servlet 2.5 compatibility. SeedStack now requires a Servlet 3+ compliant server.
  • The dropping of custom @WebServlet and @WebFilter annotations for the standard ones. Note that the standard annotation @WebListener is also supported now.
  • The Comparable interface on Business framework value objects has been removed and must be implemented by the project if needed. This allows to implement a custom natural order on value objects.
  • The do*() methods on Business framework BaseRepository have been removed. This only has an impact if you have implemented repositories for custom persistence technologies (outside of JPA and MongoDb).

The detail of breaking changes is available in the detailed change logs of each component on GitHub, in their release section.

Component versions

Updated components are highlighted in bold characters (with a link to the detailed change log).




  • w20-business-theme: 1.2.0
  • w20-simple-theme: 3.2.0
  • w20-material-theme: 1.0.0

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