We are happy to announce the release of SeedStack 17.11 «Nymphaea». The highlight is a major update to the business framework but it also contains two new add-ons, one being to use Apache Kafka in SeedStack apps.

New features

Major update of business framework

Business framework 4.x is vastly improved version. DDD specifications, simpler API, powerful pagination, stream-based implementation, …

Discover the details on this page.

Hot-reloading development mode

By invoking the watch goal of the Maven plugin, the application will be run in hot-reloading mode:

mvn seedstack:watch

The maven plugin will watch any source change and if any, will refresh the application taking the changes into account.

Kafka add-on

This add-on enables the usage of Apache Kafka through the client (publishing/subscribe) or the streaming API.

CCI add-on

This new add-on allows to interface your SeedStack application to legacy enterprise information systems (EIS) by using the Common-Client Interface (CCI). This provides connectivity to mainframe-based systems.


This version contains minor fixes in various components, please check individual component change logs for details.


Business framework changes

The business framework 4.x branch doesn’t attempt to maintain backwards compatibility with the 3.x branch.

That said, two compatibility options are provided.

Business migrate module

The first compatibility option is for people who want compatibility with minimal code changes, with the goal of upgrading to 4.x branch in the long term .

The business-migrate module provides classes that implement the business 3.x API with the business 4.x. Some classes are kept exactly the same, and some are renamed Legacy* to avoid clashing with new business-core classes.

To use this option, put the following dependency along the business-core dependency:

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dependencies {

The spirit of the business-migrate module is to offer immediate backwards compatibility with minimal effort, and allow you to migrate progressively to business 4.x code. Compatibility classes are marked as deprecated.

A upcoming guide will provide instructions on how to use the business-migrate module.

SeedStack compatibility BOM

The second compatibility option is for people who don’t intend to upgrade the existing code base and want to continue to use the business 3.x branch. To do that, you just have to replace seedstack-bom in your POM by seedstack-bom-compat.

All components will be upgraded, except the business framework and components that depend on it.

Other changes

Apart from the business framework, this version only contains minor breaking changes, please check individual component change logs for details.

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