We skipped the 20.4 version because of the world pandemic impact, but here we are, with the release of SeedStack 20.7 «Violet».

New features

Camel add-on

A new add-on is provided to support Apache Camel. Camel is an Open Source integration framework that enables to quickly and easily integrate various systems consuming or producing data. Transactions are not suported yet but are coming in a future version.

JCR add-on

A new add-on is provided to support the JCR specification. Content Repository API for Java (JCR) is a specification to access content repositories in a uniform manner. The content repositories are used in content management systems to keep the content data and also the metadata used in content management systems (CMS) such as versioning metadata.

Object lifecycle

SeedStack now comes with support for JSR-250 @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy annotations. The @PostConstruct annotation is called just after the constructor has been called and the object injected. It can be used for further initialization of objects. The @PreDestroy annotation only works on singletons and is called at application shutdown, for instance to release resources held by the object.

Interception API

The SeedInterceptor interface can be implemented to define a custom interceptor without relying on Guice classes, thus avoiding coupling to low-level libraries.

The web.sessions.cookie.* configuration options can be used to customize the Web session cookie characteristics. See the CookieConfig inner class for all options.

Feign interceptors

Each Feign endpoint can now be configured with custom injectable RequestInterceptors. Such interceptors are useful to inject authentication headers or do any other customization to the request before sending it.


This version contains fixes in various components, please check individual component change logs for details.


Apache commons-lang library is no longer used internally by SeedStack and has been removed from its dependencies. If your code depends on it, add it manually to your project POM. Apache commons-lang3 is still required by the business framework.

Other minor changes have been made. Please read individual change logs for details.

Component versions


  • seedstack-maven-plugin: 2.7.5



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