We are happy to announce the release of SeedStack 21.4 «Xylobium».

New features

Check tool

The new check tool detects and displays discrepancies between the provided, and the expected configuration. It will tell you about keys that don’t match any configuration object, spotting possible misconfiguration. To run it in a development environment, use the Maven goal:

mvn seedstack:check

In a production environment you can run it with the seedstack.tool launch property:

java -Dseedstack.tool=check -jar my-app.jar

Business framework improvements

The FluentAssembler DSL now supports qualifiers for repositories and factories:

public class SomeClass {
    private FluentAssembler fluentAssembler;
    public void someMethod() {
        Order aggregateRoot = fluentAssembler.merge(dto)


Various other features are provided:

  • Support for Java 15
  • In Feign add-on, configuration support for retrying logic including injectable custom retrying logic.
  • In ElasticSearch add-on, wide support for ElasticSearch client (v2 to v7).
  • In Flyway add-on, upgrade to Flyway 7.8.2 and increase configuration options.
  • In JPA add-on, support for buffered sequence generators (improve performance by reserving a range of identifiers).
  • In Redis add-on, support for Redis clusters.


Security fixes

Shiro was upgraded to 1.7.1, fixing CVE-2020-11989, CVE-2020-17510, CVE-2020-1957, CVE-2020-13933 and CVE-2019-12422.

The OAuth add-on now properly processes array claims for roles and permissions. An error 500 returned in the case of an invalid token was also fixed. Invalid token now return 401 codes (as mandated by the spec) instead of 403. The reason of the 401 is disclosed to the client by default but can be kept secret by setting discloseUnauthorizedReason to true.

Configuration fixes

Configuration evaluation (macros, functions, …) in classes section was not working at all and is now fixed. Another problem was that configuration arrays containing generic components (like Class[]) were ignored and not mapped to configuration objects. This is now also fixed.


This version also contains fixes in various components, please check individual component change logs for details.


Library upgrades

Various major libraries were upgraded:

  • Guice to 5.0.1
  • Jersey to 2.34
  • Javassist to 3.27.0-GA
  • Guava to 30.1.1-jre
  • Flyway to 7.8.2


This version also contains changes in various components, please check individual component change logs for details.

Component versions


  • [chg] seedstack-maven-plugin: 2.8.0



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