A brand new SeedStack plugin for the popular IDE Intellij IDEA has been released.


This initial version has naturally some room for improvement but already provides useful features for SeedStack developers:

  • Support for SeedStack YAML configuration language
    • Completion,
    • Java and macro references,
    • Rename and safe-delete refactoring,
    • Quick documentation of options,
    • Inspections,
    • Find usages,
    • Jump to configuration classes.
  • SeedStack Navigator
    • Business domain structure,
    • Configuration files,
    • REST resources,
    • Tools.

Download and installation

To get the latest version of the plugin:

  1. Go to the release tab of the GitHub repository
  2. Download the seedstack-intellij-plugin-x.y.z ZIP file on your computer.

To install it:

  1. Start IntelliJ IDEA,
  2. Go to «Settings» (or «Preferences» on MacOS), choose «Plugins» then «Install from disk…»,
  3. Select the ZIP file you just downloaded and restart IntelliJ when asked.

After restart you should be able to use the plugin features in your IDE.

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