This page lists the SeedStack team members.

Current members

  • Adrien LAUER

    Adrien LAUER

    Software engineer with 12 years of experience, he worked on various projects before co-founding SeedStack with PSA Group colleagues in 2013. Since then, he has taken the lead of SeedStack and has actively contributed to define and implement it.

  • Marius MATEI

    Marius MATEI

    Marius Matei is the SeedStack Program Manager. He contributed on various Java/web applications as Senior software architect, IT Manager or Team Leader before building the SeedStack team and putting on the rails the SeedStack enterprise software project.

  • Thierry BOUVET

    Thierry BOUVET

    Software engineer with 15 years of experience, he worked on various Java projects at PSA Group before joining SeedStack team. He actively contributes to improve SeedStack usage and development performance.

  • Redouane LOULOU

    Redouane LOULOU

  • Tuan DO CAO

    Tuan DO CAO

  • Épo JEMBA

    Épo JEMBA

Past members

Those members are currently contributing to SeedStack or have made significant contributions in the past.

  • Emmanuel VINEL

    Emmanuel VINEL

  • Kavi RAMYEAD

    Kavi RAMYEAD

  • Pierre THIROUIN

    Pierre THIROUIN




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