Using development snapshotsJun 1, 2021

Sometimes there is a need to use a development version of a SeedStack component in your project, for testing purposes. This guide will help you configure Maven to access SeedStack SNAPSHOT dependencies.

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SeedStack on WebSphereJun 12, 2018

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is a complex Web application server that can pose some challenges to developers. The goal of this guide is to aggregate useful information about deploying SeedStack application on WAS successfully.

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JAX-RS basicsFeb 9, 2017

JAX-RS is a specification providing a standard way to write REST resources in Java. SeedStack implements the JAX-RS standard through the Jersey 2 implementation.

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Conversion to WARFeb 6, 2017

SeedStack projects created by the generate goal of the SeedStack Maven plugin are designed to be run from command-line with an embedded Web server. You can convert this kind of project to a classic WAR.

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Creating an add-onAug 31, 2016

SeedStack is an extensible solution that can be enriched with add-ons to provide new functionality or features. Writing an add-on is not a difficult task as it is very similar to writing an application but some rules and conventions must be obeyed. This guide will describe these rules and conventions.

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