The SeedStack Maven plugin provides goals to manage SeedStack-based artifacts.

To invoke the plugin, use the following command line:

mvn org.seedstack:seedstack-maven-plugin:<goal>

On generated projects, you can execute the shortened command:

mvn seedstack:<goal>

This is because the project POM already contains the full coordinates of the plugin:


An alternative is to edit your Maven settings.xml file to add the groupId org.seedstack to the <pluginGroups> list. More information about Maven plugin prefix mapping here.

Shell function

To simplify the invocation of the SeedStack plugin you can define the following UNIX shell function in your profile:

function seedstack {
    if [ -z "$1" ]; then
        echo "Usage: seedstack GOAL [ARGS]..."
        return 1
    mvn -q -Dargs="$*" org.seedstack:seedstack-maven-plugin:$GOAL

This enables you to execute goals which use an args system property with real arguments:

seedstack config application.basePackages

Which is the equivalent of:

mvn -q -Dargs="application.basePackages" org.seedstack:seedstack-maven-plugin:config

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