Tool Execution

The tool goal will execute the application in tool mode instead of its normal mode. It will execute the tool specified as the first argument in the args parameter. Further arguments and options depend upon each tool.


Parameters can be given as system properties (-DparameterName=parameterValue) or specified in the pom.xml plugin declaration:

Name Type Mandatory Description
args String Yes The string of all arguments used to run the tool.
The first argument must be the tool name.


Execute config tool without options

The config tool is a built-in tool that can be used to dump all the project configuration options:

mvn -Dargs="config" org.seedstack:seedstack-maven-plugin:tool

Note that the config tool name is provided as the first argument inside the args system property.

Execute config tool with arguments

You can further specify arguments and options (which depend upon the executed tool). In the following example we want information about the particular configuration property:

mvn -Dargs="config" org.seedstack:seedstack-maven-plugin:tool

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