Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is supported through a Java filter and can be enabled in any SeedStack application.

Seed integrates the CORS filter from dzhuvinov software. There is no need to install and configure the filter manually, it is automatically registered by Seed. All filter options can be specified through configuration properties.


CORS can be enabled and configuration as below:

      # The servlet path mapping on which CORS will be active
      path: (String)
      # If true, Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS) will be enabled
      enabled: (boolean)
      # Allows to specify custom properties to the CORS filter
        key: (String)

To dump the web.cors configuration options:

mvn -q -Dargs="web.cors" seedstack:config

CORS filters properties can be specified according to its documentation, but without the cors. prefix (e.g. tagRequests, supportedMethods, …).


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